Over 13 years combined experience

In order to make a difference, we knew that gathering a team of knowledgeable data and marketing professionals was essential. We are proud to say that our team of data and direct marketing managers have combined experience of over 13 years in the industry and a passion for all things data and direct marketing. We understand that clients use this data to engage with customers and make important business decisions and therefore strive to ensure it is as accurate as possible. From employing over 170 dedicated agents to make over 500,000 verification calls per month to making sure every single record on our database is contacted within a 6 month period, we go the extra mile to provide accurate, up to date and high-quality data to our clients.

Mailing Data Solutions is a team committed to:

  • Quickly identify buyers, champions & influencers with extensive filters.
  • Our Data is compatible with all major CRM softwares.
  • 28% increase in lead-to-opportunity conversion.
  • Advanced filters help you target by job functions, business events, professional connections, financial details or custom criteria.
  • Our data is up to 23% more accurate than other commercial data sources.
  • Uncover companies with specific technology installs for competitive-switch or complementary sales.
  • Use our post-campaign analysis to mine promotions,response data, and the target universe to identify missed opportunities and determine which lists, segments, or mileage breaks provide the best response rates.

While we earned the fortune of having customers that span the spectrum from single-person real estate agencies to Fortune 500 financial institutions, our commitment to customer service transcends customer size. Both our self-serve and our enterprise products are designed and priced for accessibility. We'll work with you to find data solutions that fit your business needs.

Serving more than 800+ companies in 40+ countries

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