As companies grow, so does their customer and prospect data. With a well designed CRM tool in place, organizations can turn this data into critical business intelligence. In addition, clearly defined business processes tremendously enhance workforce productivity. Mailing Data Solutions offers a complete solution that includes reviewing existing business processes, making workflow recommendations, customizing CRM application, transitioning existing data, training, and providing ongoing support. We specialize in Salesforce implementation, integration, application development, training and support.

Our service offerings:

  • Salesiorce Implementation
  • Application Integration
  • salesforce development using, Apex, VisualForce, and Sites
  • Web Portal Development
  • Data Cleansing and Migration
  • Remote Administration and Support

Benefits of CRM

A CRM system provides standardized access to customer data that is far superior to keeping paper (or traditional database) records. Ready access to this data keeps your salespeople focused on paying accounts. A company-wide CRM system provides consistency. If your sales rep leaves the company, or if a call is handled by a different employee, the customer data is easily accessible. CRM these days are much more sophisticated, and not only allow you to manage sales and marketing but also customer support, products, and service contracts. Marketing campaigns can be run from within CRM and the leads passed on to Sales. Support incidents can be logged in. When a sales person calls a customer, he or she is getting an all around picture.

Most CRMs come equipped with analytical tools that allow you to capture. Interpret, and visualize performance metrics. They help you answer questions such as who are your most paying customers? What products are being bought and which ones need to be phased out? What is not working so well and needs attention? Are we getting desired results from our marketing campaigns?

Our Approach


Contrary to popular belief CRM is not just confined to sales and marketing. We carefully evaluate every point of interaction between you and your customers and tailor Salesiorce to your needs.

We follow a detailed step-by-step process to cover all the basis from discovery and deployment to training and support with clarity on roles of people involved. Technology is only a part of the overall solution. We conduct a detailed review or business process and workflow.

We pay a lot or emphasis on data that fuels CRM. Good data is essential for decision making while bad data, simply put is bad business. As your consulting partner we define data standards for your organization and train users on maintaining good data hygiene.

By using Mailing Data Solutions, you will get your CRM software up faster, operating more profitably and Increasing your sales faster. Our CRM consultants have the expertise to chose the best system for you and tailor it to meet your organizations needs. With our unique strategic implementation system you will get:

  • Better ROIS
  • Lower Implementation costs
  • Faster Implementation

In addition, our CRM consultants will show you ways to increase safes and improve your business by using data that you probably already have. If you are thinking of implementing a CRM system, contact one of our CRM consulting experts for a free consultation and get all the benefits that a CRM Software system has the potential to give.

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