Data Quality in Customer Relationship Management

Mailing Data Solutions offer a comprehensive range of Data verification and updating services to help you improve and enhance your existing customer data up-to-date as possible to maximize your marketing returns no matter what size your organization.

CRM Data Cleansing

Data is at the core of any business, allowing customer relationships to be strengthened and business decisions to be made with greater clarity. Yet without quality data, your large CRM database quickly loses its value and its ability to help power your business. Mailing Data Solutions CRM data cleansing services ensure that data within ERP or CRM silos, Data Marts or Legacy Systems is accurate and complete across the enterprise. Enhance the value of your data by intelligently enriching it with data from trusted sources.


Even with a full range of data capture and validation systems in place, your customer data will still decay over time. Businesses move or close, telephone numbers and postcodes change, duplicates are introduced and more.

With a full suite of data cleansing services integrated into CRM and backed by a range of industry leading reference files and matching technology, you can easily run data cleansing jobs and import the results straight back into CRM.

Run monthly TPS checks across all your leads and regular address cleansing, goneaway checking and duplicate removal on your accounts. Run an ad-hoc job to add telephone numbers to a cold list you've just imported - with Total CRM Data Quality from Mailing Data Solutions you stay on control of your data while keeping it at your fingertips.

Quality Data Append Solutions

Data Enhancement Doesn't have to Complicated and Expensive. Update your leads using Mailing Data Solutions self-service batch processor.

  • Updating records from National Change Of Address Database (NCOA)
  • Washing data against the ACMA Do not Contact Register
  • Flagging of records where Phone Number is listed on the Do Not Call Register (DNCR)
  • Customer find services - locate lost customers via updating records from a combination of NCOA, Address Find, and Business match
  • Appending of Geographic Data including Geocode (Latitude & Longtitude) data, Census Collector District (CCD) and Local Govt Area (LGA)

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