Role of Artificial Intelligence in B2B Marketing


It’s obvious that you must have come across with “AI” terminology but are still unsure about what exactly does it mean and how exactly it can help b2b marketers to ease their marketing efforts and reap the huge benefits through it. To make you understand about a buzz terminology AI-Artificial Intelligence, let’s go through a quick definition of it.

“Artificial Intelligence is a branch of science that deals with the creation of intelligent machines that imitates humans in learning, decision making, planning, visual perception, reasoning and performing all other tasks and reacting same as like humans in all the areas where humans are involved (Business, Research & Development, Science& Technology and more)”.

DeepMind CEO-Demis Hassbis, an AI startup acquired by Google.

He defines AI as the "science of making machines smart."

Teaching machines to see, visualize, hear, speak, move, and write the same as humans.

Examples and Applications of Artificial intelligence already in use currently:

  • Speech Recognition (Siri, Alexa, Google’s Personal Assistant)
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem Solving
  • Self-Driving Vehicles
  • Auto-Suggestive Searches
  • Predictive text responses
  • Product Suggestions
  • Smart Phone Assistants
  • And More

The use of AI is not only limited to the aforementioned points but it is also used in various other industries such as manufacturing, transportation, banking and financing, healthcare, weather forecasting and so on. It is slowly and gradually affecting our daily lifestyle and the way we work and entertain ourselves.

How AI can transform B2B Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is already changing the face of b2b marketing through a lot of automation tools, integrated website plug-ins, email marketing automation, social media automation, data analytics automation and so on. As a marketer exploring and learning about this latest technologies and getting along with it to lead the new era of marketing is very important.

If it is missed out then no doubt with this changing and growing technologies you will be pushed back into the dark ages and company is going to lose its business, clients and revenue and thereby employees losing their jobs.

Here are a few things that I will discuss to get you started with your AI marketing automation and be a part of this competitive technology.

How AI can be used in Email Marketing

Email has always topped the list of best lead generation tool for its direct and cost-effective approach. It gives an opportunity to reach and connect with the target audience in a personalized and customized way and jump directly into their inbox.

Artificial Intelligence help email marketers in auto segmenting the audience based on their approach in marketing funnel (Awareness, Consideration, Decision), Sending personalized email to targeted email list, Writing eye-catching subject lines and email copy to increase the open and click-through rate, there are AI packed tools (Hemingway Editor) available suggesting marketers to write content that is best understood by their audience helping them improve their readability.

Few email marketing tools like Mail chimp, Get Response and more with lot of Artificial Intelligence packed features helps marketers to schedule their delivery emails based on their clients locations instead of manually sending them according to the customers locations, customer key metrics analytics like how many were delivered, how many were opened, how many of them clicked or took a desired action and more. There are many great tools with AI inbuilt functions that help marketers to yield maximum benefits with their marketing efforts.

How AI can be used for Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing, and Lead Conversion

There are more AI automated tools and software that best analyzes and helps marketers in generating leads and conversion.

Netra: Best analyzes the customer’s visual content like photos, videos from various platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and it also analyzes brands followers to learn more about what other brands they follow or like and what type of content they post. This helps in understanding customer’s interest and accordingly developing content to draw their attention and to make them a qualified lead and eventually sales conversion.

Node: It helps in finding new leads with already existing data with you. It uses artificial intelligence to find the best leads that could have been missed out due to huge dataset by human intelligence and recommends a potential customer.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator: It’s the world’s largest professional social network and the paid tool to identify, nurture and sell to prospects on brands products and services gradually tool learns your sales preferences and suggest with potential leads depending on the data it collects and analyzes.

How AI can be used for better Content Creation and Delivery

Creating an interesting, engaging and readable content that holds the attention of the reader is very difficult as it consumes lots of time and lots of research is involved in it. As the consumers around the world are seeking lots of content in the industries especially entertainment, news and marketing it’s very difficult to deal with the content demand and deliver the content at the right time consumer is seeking for.

With Artificial Intelligence packed software, it is now easier to create content as per the demand and deliver accordingly. AI-based tools write content keeping in mind the country people live in, people’s taste and interest, their culture and tradition and what content they prefer to consume and at what time and what style of content they like to read. It also helps you write content for blog posts, website pages, social media posts, and more. This is possible only by a clear understanding of the customer’s journey and their persona through AI-enabled analytics tools.

There are few below-listed tools that you can explore but don’t limit yourself to that there are more you can explore.

  • Articoolo
  • Quuu Promote

There are tools (Hubspot, Concurred, Bright Edge and more) that use machine learning and AI to help marketers to explore new content topics that are really performing well and engaging so that it is worth spending time while creating those contents.

How AI can be used in Social Media Automation

All the social media apps that we use daily and can’t live without it is already AI-based platforms which have transformed our lives the way we socialize, communicate online and entertain ourselves. These platforms have become so intelligent that depending upon our interest, images that we like, videos that we watch, people we communicate and based on many other factors it shows relevant recommendations for the betterment of the user experience.

All these social platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn has integrated feature called paid Ads which uses Artificial Intelligence built-in functions to help advertisers in writing ad copies that is optimized for clicks and conversions. Demographic and behavioural targeting is also made easy with AI.

Social media platforms are the best ways of interacting with the right and targeted audience of our choice as we see a lot traffic gathering there from all over the world. So it is obvious that it shouldn’t be missed out as one of the marketing approach. But marketers have limited time and a lot of stuff to take care of simultaneously.

It is not possible for them to use social media all the time and keeping interacting with people and post the content. Hence there are few social media automation tools that let marketers pre-prepare and schedule their post for sharing all across various platforms.

Social Media Automation Tools

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Workflow
  • And More

This helps in scheduling social media posts to Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and many other social platforms and also helps analyze the result of this post to effectively engage with the social community.

How AI can be used in Customer Acquisition and Retention

There are more effective forms of artificial intelligence used for customer acquisition and retention in today’s date is the chatbots, voice assistants, user engagement, natural language processing. It is considered to be most beneficial for customer acquisition and retention. They effectively resemble the human form for customer service and tech support. They have some unique features that intrigue the users.

There are two types of chatbots one which is capable of answering scripted responses to basic questions like what is your name? What are you looking for? But the other one is designed to gather information about landing visitors and create a personalized and customized communication with them from scratch.

The basic chatbots don’t really hold the attention of the visitor and it leads to losing a customer. But the advanced chatbots with its unique features like telling jokes, playing games and giving suggestions retains the attention of the customer and possibly acquiring new customer and retaining the existing one.

Artificial Intelligence has leveraged marketing to the next level by:

  • Assisting in anticipating potential prospects
  • Helping in analysing real-time large data-set
  • Distinguishing between re-visitor, new visitors and actual buyers
  • Determining customer choices, interest, wishes etc
  • Personalizing online campaigns for better engagement
  • And More

With all of the above-mentioned points plus with advanced features of Artificial Intelligence businesses are now in good shape to understand their business well, their loopholes and improvement spots, understand their customers well throughout their journey right from the time they first visited the business website and till the conversion takes place and accordingly well organize their marketing strategy with the actionable insights they receive.

Final Takeaways

Through Artificial Intelligence you get a good opportunity to better understand who your targeted and potential buyers are and feed them with the required knowledge to draw their attention towards your desired business action and eventually earn a huge return on investment on your marketing efforts and resources.

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